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Environmental and Ecological Consulting Services

WKA’s Environmental Services Department performs a wide array of technical services that enable our clients to respond conclusively to daunting and complex environmental complications. With their broad-ranging expertise and extensive resources at their disposal, WKA’s geologists, ecologists, engineers and environmental scientists authoritatively identify environmental risk and liabilities, evaluate the nature and extent of subsurface contamination, develop and implement site remediation and restoration activities, and develop protective measures to support preservation of the environment.

The Environmental Department at WKA began in 1986, with the formation of the Site Investigation and Remediation group. From this team, WKA has developed three inter-dependent groups that perform all major environmental services, as well as several specialized services:

The geologists, scientists, and engineers in these departments are thoroughly familiar with pertinent federal, state, and county environmental regulations, and have developed excellent working relationships with the various regulatory agencies.