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Indoor Air Quality Services

WKA’s Indoor Air Quality Services unit performs scientific analyses of indoor air quality to detect conditions that could be harmful to occupants. The damaging effects of “sick building syndrome” that can occur in sealed offices with poor moisture control have been repeatedly and alarmingly documented. Rectifying sources of airborne contamination to avert the spread of respiratory problems can help clients minimize potential liability.

We perform comprehensive air quality analysis for a wide range of structures, including commercial and industrial facilities, educational institutions, medical clinics and hospitals, administrative offices, and residential projects.

Our Indoor Air Quality services include:

  • monitoring physical environmental stressors (including carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, temperature and relative humidity)
  • ambient air sampling for volatile and semivolatile organic compounds and sulfur gases (wastewater compounds)
  • moisture testing
  • bulk building material sampling, swab sampling and cello-tape sampling for fungal analysis (quantification, distribution and identification)
  • indoor and outdoor bioaerosol sampling for fungal analysis (quantification, distribution and identification)
  • post-site restoration quality assurance sampling
  • total coliform and fecal coliform wipe sampling for wastewater spills and back-ups
  • evaluation of HVAC air handlers and delivery systems for levels of microbial growth and particulates
  • pre- and post-HVAC duct sampling for quality assurance in HVAC duct cleaning projects
  • ambient air evaluations for total suspended particulates
  • cursory surveys that identify potential sources and pathways of microbial inhabitation and other sources of indoor air quality problems