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Laboratory Testing Services

Wallace-Kuhl & Associates performs a wide variety of laboratory testing as independent services as well as in support of our geotechnical engineering, earthwork and construction inspection departments. In addition to conducting standard tests for typical construction materials – including soils, concrete, asphalt, steel and masonry – we also have the technology and expertise to conduct specialized, less commonly performed tests. WKA’s lab operates under the direct supervision of a Senior Registered Civil Engineer, who reviews all procedures and reports for all tests performed.

We have performed testing services for thousands of construction projects, including the tallest buildings in Sacramento.

Our Laboratory Testing services include:

  • hardness, tensile strength and proof load testing of high-strength bolts
  • tensile strength and elongation of steel samples up to No. 14 rebar
  • organic content of soils
  • sulfate soundness, relative mortar strength evaluation and other aggregate tests
  • triaxial strength, permeability and other soils tests
  • rebar, steel cable prestressing and other structural steel testing
  • asphalt concrete testing, including asphalt content by the ignition oven
  • concrete testing, including drying shrinkage testing, laboratory mix design and trial batch services
  • drying shrinkage, full-size prism and other masonry materials tests
  • soil-cement and grout testing, including laboratory trial batching, time of set, compressive strength and consistency testing