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Water Resources Services

The WKA Water Resources unit advises clients about complex and continually evolving water management regulations. Our hydrogeologists, engineers and scientists have expertise in water resources planning, development and management, as well as wetlands delineation and permitting, and ecological avoidance and mitigation strategies.

Our services include wetlands delineation, constructed wetland and biological water treatment design, ecological field investigations for California Endangered Species Act/Endangered Species Act (CESA/ESA) listed species, and management of multidisciplinary watershed studies. WKA has extensive experience in helping clients comply with California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) provisions, and in helping clients qualify for required federal, state and county permits.

Our Water Resources services include:

  • water resources studies
  • streambed and drainage studies
  • groundwater recharge programs
  • conjunctive use studies
  • restoration monitoring
  • groundwater supply studies
  • regional pollution studies
  • groundwater management plans
  • watershed management
  • agency permit processing